Our Natural Bar Soaps

Many of our handmade natural bar soaps are vegan friendly and all of our handmade bar soaps are made with natural and organic products.

Your skin will love our 100% pure handmade bar soaps. We use high-quality natural oils, organic and natural essential oils, and leave out all the bad stuff – NO alcohol, no sugars, no animal tested products, no fake coloring, no synthetic fragrances, no detergents, no surfactants, no parabens/propylene glycol….

Yes, yes, yes to natural and organic and no, no, no to the bad stuff!

Did you know?

Many essential oils used in our natural bar soaps have a reputation for the positive effect they may have on our mood, skin, overall health, and more…

Make your bath-shower time, Your Time.

Open your bath drawer to a selection of natural bar soaps for the outdoors, romance, head clearing, mood lifting, moisturizing, balancing, and more.

What new day will your natural bar soap bring?

We are continuously Introducing New Specialty Natural Bar Soaps

Come back often to check out our new specialty homemade bar soaps; like our Kumquat Honey & Shea Natural Bar Soap or Ranger Joe's Natural Bar Soaps.

We are always “bantering” over new recipes!

Why natural bar soap?

Our skin is our largest organ and has the capability to absorb what we use on it.

For example, we know there are patches coated with heart medication that stick to your skin for slow absorption and the same goes for birth control and motion sickness…the list goes on and on.

The skin absorbs!

Here’s a fun test you can do. Take the outer skin off fresh garlic and slice a piece open. Now, rub it on your bare big toe for about 30 seconds. In about 60 seconds, eat something that you are very familiar with. Does it taste the same or are your taste buds confused?

Do you want your skin to absorb chemicals or natural and organic properties?

Non-natural soaps are made with properties that feel good just after you finish washing yet may be aging your skin over time. What is being absorbed into your system? Read the label…this is what your skin is absorbing!

Our handmade natural bar soaps make you squeaky clean which may feel odd at first…is something missing? Yes, a film.

As the properties from our handmade natural soaps begin to help create a healthy skin environment, you will feel the difference.

Once you start to feel and see the benefits of natural and organic essential oils, herbs, goat’s milk, shea butter, olive oil, and the long list of natural and organic ingredients in our handmade soaps, you will never want to wash with a chemically-bound soap again. Our vegan natural bar soaps are better for the environment too. Not only are our handmade vegan bar soaps all natural, we recycle and use earth friendly processes too.

Our Natural Bar Soaps…starting with the base!

Before the essential oils, spices, and herbs are added to our natural vegan bar soaps, we start with the base oils. Olive oil is mild and full of moisturizing properties. Organic Palm oil (“sustainable” palm*) makes for a harder bar of soap so it tends to last longer than some of our softer soaps. Shea Butter is creamy and high in moisture. This is a good choice for those with sensitive skin. Sunflower oil is a little lighter than Olive oil and has a very clean feel. Coconut oil is high on lather. So if you want a harder bar with a lot of lather, then try our natural bar soap with more of this base. Hemp oil (Unrefined) is known for its natural aroma and has a unique moisture feel all its own. When reading the ingredients in our natural bar soaps please note the ingredients are listed in order of volume; so if you see Olive, Sunflower, Organic Palm oils listed, you know this bar has more Olive Oil than Sunflower or Organic Palm. Once you try our vegan natural bar soaps, we are sure you’ll have a favorite!

* More demand for "palm oil" means more deforestation. Our soaps are made with "organic palm oil" which is a renewable and sustainable resource. This organic palm will not as likely contribute to the "palm thirsty" industry which ultimately demands more deforestation and is farmed organically thus not polluting the land.

Our natural bar soaps at a glance.

Click on any of our natural bar soaps below and you’ll be guided directly to our store where you will find a description, including ingredients, of the handmade soap you selected. You can also visit the following sections:

Women prefer Natural Soaps with a Mission...

Peace of Mind All Natural Bar Soap Apricot Exfoliate All Natural Bar Soap Fine with Time Anti-Aging All Natural Bar Soap Orange Pop Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Stress Free Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Chocolate Mint Ecstasy All Natural Bar Soap
Mood Lifting Lime Twist Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Morning Glow Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Wise One Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Fresh Air Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Cinnamon Delight Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Total Relaxation All Natural Bar Soap 
Simply Clean with Vanilla Bean Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Bergamot for Oily Skin Vegan All Natural Bar Soap  Rosehip Annatto Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Kumquat Honey & Shea All Natural Bar Soap

..and outdoors enthusiast prefer Ranger Joe's Natural Bar Soaps.

Ranger Joe’s collection of natural bar soaps are specifically formulated for the outdoor enthusiast – camping, biking, hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, and whatever new outdoor activity you’re up to.  Here, you will find natural bar soaps with powerful essential oils like Patchouli, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass and more. All of Ranger Joe’s natural bar soaps are named after legendary hiking trails and sights located within our most valued treasures, United States National Parks. 

Bear Lake Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Cascade Canyon Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Rim Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Miner's Ridge Loop Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Halemau'u Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Zion Narrows Vegan All Natural Bar Soap
Precipice Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Columbia Rock All Natural Bar Soap Root Glacier Trail All Natural Bar Soap Devil's Garden Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Hoh River Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Summerland Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap
North Vista Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Appalachian Trail Vegan All Natural Head to Toe Bar Soap Florida Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Lakes Trail Vegan All Natural Bar Soap No Name Pass Vegan All Natural Bar Soap Mount Cammerer Loop Vegan All Natural Bar Soap
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