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Wedding Photography



Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about me and my work.

My name is Andy, I’m 36 and married to my amazing wife, Paula.  We have two great kids, Harvey & Robyn.  The perfect family……. most of the time.  Well, we all try!   All I can say is there’s lots of love, laughter with a few tears along the way too.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

After many years shooting weddings around the central belt, Paula and I decided to move back home, start a family and focus our business in Inverness and the Highlands of Scotland……and here we are. Married life is good and things are going well 🙂

Passion is Everything

I’ve been a wedding photographer for well over ten years now and photography has been a massive part of my life ever since I move to Glasgow to study it back in 2001.  It’s what I think about morning, noon and night, and I’m forever grateful to have a job I’m passionate about and enjoy.

The passion I have for my job means I am always learning and developing new ideas.  At the same time, at the forefront of my mind is always ‘keep it real’.   I want you to look back on your wedding photographs in 30/40 years and relive the day as you remember it.  Captured in as many real time moments as possible.  

There is a traditional element to what I do but my work is documentary based with some creative direction when required.  However, everything is always kept fun, light-hearted and relaxed.



Check out some recent weddings on the blog

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For a better understanding of my style and approach
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