Meet Kelley & Family

Kelley, Madison, and Mason

Hi, welcome to Natural Bar Soap Company.

There’s nothing better than a nice hot shower or a soak in the tub. The only thing that makes it better is our favorite soaps. It’s a simple pleasure that my children and I enjoy.

So how did I get from enjoying bath and shower time to making our soaps?

My Dad and his business partner owned this company and from time to time would send me a variety of their soaps….from Florida to Colorado J   I fell in love with their natural bar soaps!!! Meantime, I was already getting more into a natural life style, making home-cooked meals, natural laundry detergent, and removing stress from my family’s life.

My Dad and I have a close relationship and talk almost daily over the phone. Through our conversations, he knew that I was pushing my family to a more natural lifestyle. He also knows that I’m a stay-at-home mom with two small children – he’s a great Papa!

On the front burner, my Dad and his partner each own their priority businesses and were getting way too busy to spend time promoting the soap company, their hobby business.  They talked and both said, “Natural bar soap is a perfect fit for Kelley!”

It is a perfect fit! I love using natural soaps, living a more natural lifestyle, and creating a healthy environment for my children!  Now, we don’t only get to use the natural soaps, I get to make them! Did I mention I’m a great cook and crafty.

I have continued with my Dad’s outdoors enthusiast line, Ranger Joe Natural Bar Soaps, and will create a new festival line that is more geared to Colorado naturals; like our state flower, the Rocky Mountain Columbine. In addition to these specialized natural soaps, I will continue with most of our existing soaps that our customers and my family have grown to love. When I feel stuffed up and want to clear my head, I reach for a bar of Fresh Air; when I want a fresh, citrus clean that leaves my skin so soft I pull out my Morning Glow; To calm my children at night I put them in the tub with a bar of Peace of Mind.  My husband goes for all of his favorite Ranger Joe’s.

And, now, I realize that my children have their favorites too. They go by smell and the way their skin feels. This brings me to, in the very near future, I will come out with a line for children so they can enjoy not only the smell and feel, but the look too. If you have children, keep coming back to look for some fun soaps with character.

I use all natural and organic ingredients in our home-crafted soaps and search for ways to continuously improve the quality of each natural bar soap.

Have a naturally clean day!!


P.S. Thank you for visiting our Natural Bar Soap Company. Please come back often.