Florida Blueberry Festival, May 4 & 5, 2103

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Kumquat thought he was so special coming out first. Well, sometimes being first isn’t always best. Our owners, Lon and Ricki, learned a lot from the Kumquat Festival in Dade City, FL and had more time to create my recipe, yes, yummy Blueberry and Goat’s Milk with Honey and Almond Oil (“Blue Goat” is my nick name) and, my cousin is Blueberry Exifolant.  Ricki and Lon were in high gear!! I think we are the best Festival Natural Bar Soaps to date….take that Kumquat. Not only are we wonderful soaps, exfoliant and moisturizing, we were  accompanied by Big B Waxy (Blueberry Wax Cube), BF (no to you text freaks…not best friend… Blueberry Festival Candle (100 hr. natural burn baby)…gift baskets galore, and wonderful Blueberry Festival Shirts…the art for all of our products is created by Ricki’s son, Kyle (http://ksartstudios.vpweb.com).


Now, on to the Florida Blueberry Festival. Wow!!! It was wonderful…I know I’m just a bar of natural soap but I was there and I’m going to give you a soap’s perspective. First, this was only the second year for the Florida Blueberry Festival, http://www.floridablueberryfestival.org/, and if this is what we can expect after two years, I can’t wait for years 3, 4, 5. We have a lot to look forward to!!!

It was well organized! The vendor booths were spread out with plenty of room to walk around. The Festival ran two days, Saturday from 9am to 10pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. There is a wonderful park butted up against downtown Brooksville…huge oaks provide shade for festival goers who were sprawled out on blankets across the green spacious lawn. At one end of this wonderful, park-like setting, was a large band stand with gigantic speakers! About 100,000 billion times my size….I’m not good with size comparisons…after all, I was just born in May and this is my first day out! The music was wonderful…rock, pop, blues, and country; and, it was non-stop Saturday and Sunday. (How does a bar of natural bar soap know so much? I’m just repeating what I heard from the festival goers! Is this what you call gossip?)


Each corner of the festival layout was setup with a key component for festival goers: 1) music; 2) small kiddie area; 3) blueberry tent; and, 4) and teen area.  In the center of the layout was a wine and beer garden. And, on the west side of the festival was the juried art area. I’ve covered the music corner so now let’s get on with other areas…I’ll get to it all!!

Let’s start with the tots…there was face painting – not just any face painting. The quality of the art drawn on these little faces was unbelievable…really! I saw the adults stop and stare at the faces with that look of WOW.  Even, I, a natural bar of soap was wishing I had a face to paint!! And there was a large pool of water with these big, clear, plastic balls in it…the kids got into the balls and rolled around the pool…like hamsters! They were laughing and having such a good time. There was a groovy painted bus for kids to get on, belly dancers, music, magic, canine dogs, and so much more. Wow, I wish I had a small child to bring next year – it was awesome!!


The teen area had a rock climbing wall and zip line…it looked so cool BUT not cool enough for me to wish I had a teen…I’ve heard too many humans talk about the whole teen thing….no thank you!


The blueberry tent…yeah baby!!! Blueberry short cake, fresh blueberries, and all about Blueberries!! Yummy…dang, I wish I had a stomach!! You humans have all the fun! This place was packed!!!

Oh, it doesn’t stop here!! In the center of the four corners is a parking lot. This parking lot was turned into a wine tasting and beer garden…gorgeous wood-standing tables with umbrellas were placed throughout the parking lot with potted trees surrounding the area.  For $4 you could taste 8 wines, keep your glass as a souvenir, and spin for a chance to win a Blueberry Tree…WOW! Right next to this was the big Budweiser Trailer tap’in out 4 to 5 beers at a time!  There was a Blueberry Beer too!! My owner, Ricki, had one, and said, “I like a beer that tastes like a beer.” What does this mean?

The juried art (voted in by the festival committee) area was under the large oaks to the Westside of the festival…about 5 to 8 artist displayed their gorgeous talent! It was exquisite.

Then there were about 150 vendors…high quality vendors…jewelry, blueberry pies, art, pottery, gadgets, homemade beef jerky, http://www.rednecksteak.com/ , (“Cowboy” made the jerky), local honey…yummy, my owners buy honey from Queen Kathleen, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Queen-Kathleen/169008409875982  to put it in us…yes honey!  Queen Kathleen was only 3 booths down from us. I heard Lon and Ricki talking one night…Ricki said to Lon, “I add honey because it naturally kills germs and holds moisture to the skin.”  Yep, I ease drop.


 So now you have the layout…four corners, center, and vendors around the perimeter with several vendor rows running from side to side. It was easy to get around and see everything.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, this festival is so doggy friendly. I saw so many unusual looking dogs…check it out.


There was so much to see and do, it was soap boggling! My owner had two friends helping her at the booth, Vicki and Mary. They were very nice and worked hard. Ricki told me she was thankful for such wonderful friends. My other owner, Lon “Ranger Joe”, was out of town, so Ricki really needed the help!

It cost $5 to get into the festival and I think it was well worth it for the festival goers…they seemed happy with the music, hours, and quality of the two day affair!! I’m sure this money helped to up the quality of this event. I also heard there were many volunteers! The pride of Downtown Brooksville was apparent during the festival weekend!!

The festival atmosphere was perfect; friendly, smiling faces everywhere. Cool temperatures with low humidity and blue skies made it pleasant for everyone!  One afternoon, the wind started blowing at one point and Ricki didn’t have weights for her tent…the tent was blowing all over the place. I was lucky enough to witness an act of kindness from her neighbor vendor, Cowboy!!  He walked blocks and blocks back to his truck to get his extra tie downs and weights then came back and tied her tent down….if I was around long enough, I would develop this type of character.  Don’t be sad, I’m cloned. It’s just none of us stay around too long which is really great for you; no one wants old bar soap!  If you’re starting to like me, come visit us at www.naturalbarsoap.com . We’ll make your skin soft and your home smell good!!!

IMG_20130505_105913_569 “Cowboy’s” Beef Jerky 

We sure hope to see you at this wonderful event next year!

Soap Hugs and Lather, Love Blue Goat


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    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this information together.
    I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and
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  2. Thank you for your positive comments. We are currently up to our eyeballs in blueberry soap, lotion, and scented wax cubes as we prepare for the 2014 Florida Blueberry Festival!!

    It takes place on April 12 & 13 and should be as good or even better than 2013!!

    • Thank you for your positive comments. We are going to the 2014 Florida Blueberry Festival this weekend and I’m looking forward to blog my review. I only blog about the festivals and we only go to a few so my blogging is few with far in between. Thanks again.

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